Hydroponic Growing, Simplified.

Your Go-to Grow App to Prepare, Schedule, and Succeed.

We are not your typical grow app. Going far beyond a basic grow room diary, the HydroGuide is an invaluable tool making hydroponic farming easy. 

HydroGuide makes the grow journey simple from seed to harvest, from calculating nutrient recipes to detailed plant-specific schedules.

HydroGuide is a proven turnkey solution for both beginners and expert growers alike. Inside the app, you have the space to create your own highly personalized grow room, but with complete integration with proven hydroponic schedules and recipes.

Personalized Guidance on Your Grow

Finally, a grow app that adjusts to your environment, from strain selection to nute solution to climate controls. HydroGuide is easy-to-navigate, customizable, and expandable, all the while delivering detailed daily to-do lists, so you never miss a task.


Update your strains specific into the HydroGuide Seed Vault, right down to profile, flowering time, and source.


HydroGuide creates specific nute schedules for every plant you log, calculated from a growing list of proven brand-specific recipes.


Quickly and easily build out your environment within HydroGuide to track growth, climate conditions, and more.

Plant Specific

HydroGuide grows with your environment. Efficiently manage multiple rooms, strains, and climatic controls all from the dashboard.

The Future is Hydroponic

Hydroponic farming gives the cultivator unparalleled control over the grow room environment. Grown in a soilless substrate, plants receive all the nutrients they need not from soil but from a specially formulated nutrient solution. 

Because of the incredible climatic controls, hydroponics is ideal for small spaces, high yields, and peak potency. HydroGuide makes it easy to schedule, track, and repeat every aspect of the grow, tweaking and perfecting along the way.

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