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6 Must Have Grow Room Tools: No Matter the Medium

Plan on setting up a grow room? Beyond the fundamentals of lighting, tent, and ventilation, what other handy grow room tools will you need for your first round of cultivation? 

The following essentials make your life as a grower so much easier. Throughout your career as indoor cultivator, you’ll continue to add more essential items into your grow room tool belt, like environmental controls, monitors, and cleaning supplies. 

Here are a few of our favorite tools for the indoor grow room that we’ve found useful over the years. Whether growing in Rockwool or soil, we are sure you’ll find these tools help take the guesswork, risk, and complications out of growing.

6. Essential Tools for Indoor Growing

When you are researching step-by-step guides to setting up hydro systems, you’ll see lists of what to buy. You’ll find lists of buckets, tubing, and clay pellets, but not necessarily the simple tools you’ll need for maintenance, cleaning, and growing.

So, we’d like to suggest a few of the grow room tools we use for every single grow. They have come in handy for us, and we are sure you’ll find them equally as valuable.

1. Digital pH Monitor

A pH monitor is one of the most important tools you’ll own as a hydroponic grower. But, even soil-based systems will battle pH problems at some point, so it’s applicable across all systems.

Cannabis (and every other plant you’d grow indoors) thrives in a specific pH environment. Too high or too low, and you’ll run into serious problems like toxicity and nutrient deficiency. pH issues can ruin your entire crop.

Just be sure to double-check the type of pH monitor in your shopping cart. Not all monitors work in all mediums. Some are specifically designed for liquids (like hydroponics), while others are for soil-based systems. And as a final recommendation, skip the pH strips. These are often inaccurate, especially for soil. 

2. Grow Room Glasses

Did you know indoor grow lights often contain specific light waves that are bad for your eyes? 

Humans experience the world through what is known as the visible spectrum of light (roughly 400 nm to 700 nm), but grow lights are keyed into what plants need — which is often ultraviolets (UV). Too much UV exposure, and you’ll damage your vision.

Grab yourself a pair of Grow Room Glasses to protect your eyes from the UV spectrum produced by your grow lights. 

As an added benefit, Grow Room Glasses technically protect your plants as well. Instead of turning lights on and off to work in the grow room, now you’ll be able to keep a consistent schedule and avoid shocking your plants with dramatic light changes.

3. Digital Thermometer and Relative Humidity Monitor

essential grow room tool thermometer and humidity
Keep a close eye on temperature and humidity with a digital grow room monitor.

In a grow room filled with heat-producing equipment like water pumps and lights, you’ll want to keep an eye on the temperature. Whether growing hot peppers or big buds, every species thrives in a specific temperature zone. Too hot or too cold, and photosynthesis will slow down or outright stop.

Relative humidity goes hand in hand with temperatures. Of course, hydroponic grow rooms are always battling excess moisture, but even soil-based systems may run damp because plants are always moving water around through the process of transpiration.

Install a digital temperature and humidity monitor in your grow tent to help keep both in check. 

4. Jeweller’s Magnifying Loupe

If you’ve ever battled pests and diseases, you’ll know they are difficult to identify in the early stages just because they are often so small. It’s why all professional growers carry around a magnifying glass or, even better — a Jeweler’s Magnifying Loupe.

This pocket-ready magnifying device is perfect for getting up close and personal with your plants. You’ll be able to ID an insect, diagnose a disease, and perform trichome checks before harvest.

Available with a battery-powered LED light, your tiny loupe will bring your plants to life in microscopic detail. Once you’ve peaked at the trichome development of your precious buds, you’ll never look at your plants the same way again.

5. Brushes and More Brushers

A happy grow room is a clean one. As you master sanitization and sterilization processes, you’ll become intimately acquainted with your suite of cleaning supplies, including several sizes of brushes. 

To ensure no contamination from one round to the next, you’ll want to put all these brushes to use in your deep cleaning procedures.

Bottle brushes to get inside the tubing, toothbrushes for the hard-to-reach areas, and big handheld brushes for scrubbing out the basin. Brushes will become your friends, no matter what you plan on growing. Just don’t forget to sterilize the brushes in-between cleans!

6. Grow Room Diary (and the Hydro Grow App)

hydroguide app, the number one grow room tool
Never guess again, keep track of everything in one place with the Hydro Guide

Ask any grower how they progress from one harvest to the next, and it all boils down to continued learning and ongoing tweaks. It’s why all expert growers keep track of it all with a grow room diary. 

At its most basic, you can start with a notebook. Jot down details on genetics, nutrient recipes, timing, yields, and more. Then, when it comes time to start again, you’ll have a reference for what worked and ideas for making adjustments.

The HydroGuide app does all this and more. Not only can you keep detailed plant logs, but you can also capture images of your plants, follow proven nutrient solution recipes, and keep on a detailed schedule.

No need to stumble around on cultivation forms trying to decipher grower speak. You’ll have all the information you need at your fingertips.

Mastering the Grow Room With a Few Handy Tools

Why get frustrated with fluctuating pH when you can monitor it with a digital pH tester? Why try to remember what nutrients you added during veg, when you can see all the details in the HydroGrow app? 

Grow room tools like these have made our lives easier, and they will do the same for you.

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