Welcome to our Hydroguide

The #1 grow room tool for hydroponic cultivators.

Highly customizable, including grow environment and strain specifics.

Step-by-step guidance on what nutrients to apply and when.

Worry-free hydroponic growing, for beginners and professionals alike.

Nutrients Made Easy

Never calculate a nutrient recipe again. Let HydroGuide calculate your nutes schedule based on proven recipes, popular brands, and stage. Know what to add, how much to add, and when to add it.

Consistent and Repeatable Success

HydroGuide helps new and old hydroponics growers alike keep track of their successes and learn from failures. Track each grow through an easy-to-navigate dashboard to log daily tasks, take photos, and more.

Why our Agriculture Farm

We developed HydroGuide to make hydroponic farming easy. We go beyond the usual grow room diary app to create a tool that simplifies the hydroponic process, no matter who is growing.

Worry-free hydroponics grow tool.

Proven nutrient recipes from your favorite brands.

Precalculated nutes which are automatically broken into daily tasks.

Easy to navigate dashboard, with a daily to-do list.

Multi environment and multi-strain capacity.

Highly customizable environments and strain information.

Track successes with plant and environmental logs.

Save and update photos throughout the grow.

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