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1 plant Add A Drip kit (FREE SHIPPING)


BIOCANNA Bio Flores (1L)

Bio Canna Bio Flores AB nutrient solution for cannabis

2 plant Add A Drip kit (FREE SHIPPING)


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This is PA Hydroponics Add-A-Drip kit. It is available in 1,2,4,6 and 8 plant versions. It uses Black Hole Drippers which are square drip rings for your RDWC (recirculating deep water culture) each kit comes with 1/2 inch tubing to connect to the included Active Aqua submersible pump with flow control so you can get water to your young plants roots. Each kit comes with enough tubing to fit our systems like our Stirponics RDWC or Fallponics RDWC and can be adapted to fit other similar systems with the included parts and extra long tubing. Please watch our video below for full installation instructions. Some people have used these for soil and coco plants as well Рyou would have to use a timer for the pump for soil or coco and it may not water each plants perfectly even so do this at your own risk. РGary

This kit includes:
2 – Drip rings.
1 – Active Aqua 160 submersible water pump.
2 – 1/2 inch Tee’s
3 – 1/2 inch elbows
10 Feet of 1/2 tubing.

With the 2 plant you don’t have to do the loop like in the video you can just do a straight line if you would like. – G


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