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BioCanna Boost (1L) (FREE SHIPPING)


Canna CalMag Agent (1L)

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Canna Boost (1L) (FREE SHIPPING)


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Canna Boost is recommended for either hydroponic systems or media/soil-based gardens, such as our DWC, Stirponic, and Fallponic systems.
BioBoost is recommended for media/soil gardens ONLY.
CANNA BOOST optimizes nutrient use efficiency. This is important, because the uptake of nutrients depends greatly on the plant’s metabolism and the plant’s overall health. BOOST is specially developed for short cycle plant varieties.

The advantages of growing with CANNABOOST include:

  • Suitable for use with all growing mediums and substrates
    CANNA BOOST can be used in any growing system and in combination with any feeding, no exceptions. Next to adding CANNA BOOST to the substrate it can also be used as a leaf spray (foliar feeding).
  • Fuller, Quality taste
    With CANNA BOOST, you should expect an exceptional taste. A good harvest isn’t just expressed in terms of weight these days. Quality is starting to play a more important role and this also means taste is becoming more important. Optimal photosynthesis will insure the highest potential carbohydrate production in fruits.

With this product we have again proved that Quality proves itself!


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