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Canna CalMag Agent (1L)


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Water hardness (dissolved calcium and magnesium) and overall quality varies over geographical regions. For growers who turn to treating their water through reverse osmosis filtration or those with soft water, our Canna CalMag offers the ideal balance of nutrients.

Canna CalMag Agent works to increase water hardness and provide the right amount of calcium and magnesium, specially designed to protect and maintain nutrient quality while stored in the reservoir. Our CalMag improves water quality and prevents nutrient deficiencies, so your plants grow healthy and receive all the nutrients they need.

CalMag Agent Benefits:
Prevents deficiencies in calcium and magnesium
Increases water hardness
Stabilizes water pH over time
Perfected for use on our CANNA COCO substrate
Maintains optimal nutrient quality in the nutrient reservoir
Stronger, healthier plants
Promotes better quality flowers


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