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Canna Substra Kit (FREE SHIPPING)


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Our Canna Substra kit includes all of the products from the Canna Substra Feeding schedule in one convenient package.
Canna Substra is a versatile nutrient formulation that is intended for use with inert substrates such as rockwool, Hydroton, and perlite. It is also compatible with peat-based soilless mixes (ProMix for example) and the recommended Canna base nutrient for DWC/RDWC applications.

Canna Substra Kit Includes:

1x Canna Substra Vega A & B set, 1L
1x Canna Substra Flores A & B set, 1L
1x Canna Cannazym, 1L
1x Canna PK 13/14, 250ml
1x Canna Boost, 250ml

1x Canna Rhizotonic, 250ml


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